Wonderland by Robert McKay

Alice in Wonderland in Space!

This book re-imagines Alice in Wonderland as a visit to another planet, populated by strange talking animals and animal-like people. It’s a rather more adult sort of Wonderland, and far from safe. Although there are many recognizable characters and references to the original, the plot is new.

Alice is 13 and dreams of being a space pirate. She wanders off from home and hops onto a passing spaceship, which dumps her on Wonderland. There she gets on the wrong side of the Red Queen, attempts to escape, makes new friends and acquires a magic sword which can cut through anything.

Expect heads and limbs being lopped off, and mass slaughter.

The writing is good, with few editing errors. Although targeted at a young adult audience, the tone seemed to me better suited to younger readers – I’m not sure 15-year-olds would find it engaging. For adults, the main interest is playing spot the Alice in Wonderland reference, which is rather a distraction from the actual story. Overall, very readable, fun, but not compelling.

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