The Winter of Springtide’s Queen by Danielle Ste. Just

Three women cross the Underworld to restore a dead husband to life in this Greek-mythology-based contemporary fantasy adventure.

The Greek pantheon are still hanging round in the modern world, still powerful, though presumably not doing much. Persephone (goddess of springtime and part-time wife of Hades) has spent 500 years dodging Hades by pretending to be human, and is currently going by the name Stephanie. She caters weddings. Unfortunately, Hades catches up with her and drags her down to the Underworld to do her duty (they have a rather odd lust/hate/obsession relationship). Even more unfortunately, her human best friend’s husband dies, and Hades takes the opportunity to mess with everyone by offering the best friend a chance to restore her husband to life. What it all boils down to is a hugely enjoyable, wacky adventure as Stephanie/Persephone, her human friend, and a sidekick romp across the Underworld to rescue the husband and foil Hades’ nefarious plan. Phew.

The first third of the book where all this is set up is rather slow in parts, but it’s worth persevering. The writing is decent and editing good throughout. The characters are good and there are some very funny moments.

Those who like their Greek mythology will notice that Stephanie/Persephone’s mother is introduced as ‘Danica’. Later on, it becomes clear she actually is Demeter – presumably Danica is the name she goes by when pretending to be human, in the same way that Persephone is Stephanie. So that’s all right.

Expect some sexy bits and violence.

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