A Traveler from an Antique Land by Harvey Click

A young woman is transported to another world and must fight to defend Earth from alien body-snatchers.

The setup is cliche young adult portal fantasy: young Mary is packed off unceremoniously to a strange new world, where she finds out she’s a Queen’s daughter sent to Earth as a baby (for reasons). Refreshingly, though, this is more science fiction than fantasy (although it may well appeal to fantasy readers too) and it doesn’t play on the usual wish-fulfillment themes. The family reunion’s far from sentimental, there’s little romance, and the whole thing’s a bit more mature than young adult.

The fast-paced adventure plot, told with a nice sense of humour, tours through a rather interesting world loaded with inventive detail. It’s well-written and edited with few errors. The only thing letting the story down is that the protagonist is pretty much passive, witnessing the events, not making things happen. Despite that, this is a very readable and enjoyable story.

Expect a very high body count and some sexual references.

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