Time’s Adversary by JG McGovern

In the 22nd century, world-running megacorporation Eyelight is threatened by the rise of a new religion.

Eyelight resurrects ruthless (and dead) businessman Andrew Vaughan in an android body, and give him the job of figuring out how the religion is disconnecting people from their surgically-implanted internet connection. He’s keen to stay alive in his new, youthful body, but as he digs deeper, increasingly bizarre experiences make him question whether it’s him or the universe which is going mad.

Well written and well edited, this is a very readable story with a lot of entertaining science fiction ideas. The dystopia is plausible (or more plausible than many I’ve seen) and it’s set in the UK, which makes a nice change.

Between drugs, hallucinations, and virtual reality, it’s often unclear what the reality actually is, and combined with the brisk pace, it can feel a bit rushed and manic. This sort of thing risks the reader becoming so detached from the action that they lose interest (if it’s all a dream, who cares?) but that wasn’t an issue here. Though I was occasionally confused, I was never bored.

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