The Yesterday Tree by Kenneth Teicher

If you decide to read this novel, I would highly recommend skipping the prologue because it is both tedious and unnecessary. With that out of the way, this science fiction story opens with a classic hook: an alien spaceship has landed, the characters investigate. Unfortunately, the plot doesn’t haven’t a strong sense of direction and the writing isn’t great.

The protagonist is Joe, a retired software engineer in his 60’s. He’s picked by an old college friend to help lead the investigation of a mystery spaceship which has been found. Joe and an assortment of other characters investigate, find the owners of the spaceship, and have to decide whether to help or hinder them.

Editing is fairly good apart from the odd error. But the writing is laboured and the characters are prone to give science lectures at the drop of a hat. The premise doesn’t quite work, the plot has a number of holes and just when you’re thinking it might build to a neat conclusion… it doesn’t.

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