The Witches of Armour Hill: Switch by Alyssa Cooper

A troubled youngster finds a new home with a coven of witches, but her search for her own family uncovers a dark and dangerous secret.

Margaret has had a difficult childhood. Her mother and sister died when she was small, then her grandparents died (in a house fire), and since then she’s been passed from one reluctant relative to the next. The way things spontaneously combust around her may have something to do with the reluctance. Anyhow, she’s running out of relatives and is rather unhappy with the whole business.

Life takes a turn for the better when she makes a friend and is introduced to a coven of witches. Turns out all those fires were due to her being a witch herself, and the coven are keen to take her in. They all seem like nice folks. However, Maggie starts having strange dreams and becomes convinced her sister survived after all and was here before her, even though everyone denies ever meeting her. As she and her friends use magic to search for her sister, they begin to uncover the dark past of the coven.

The writing is readable throughout, with few editing errors. The plot drags a bit in places, but a strong setting, good characters, and plenty of magic make for an enjoyable read.

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