The Watch by Amanda Witt

Young Adult dystopia science fiction at its best: a fast-paced, highly readable adventure with a touch of class.

Teenager Red has red hair and rebels against the authorities of the isolated, dystopic city of Optica, where everyone is under constant surveillance. Yep, it is Young Adult dystopia. You will rightly expect a love triangle. But I read this in one sitting, which means it’s either pretty darn good or I really didn’t want to start on my tax return. Maybe both.

The writing suffers from some inordinately long sentences, but otherwise there’s little to find fault with. Highly readable throughout, well edited, and very good in places. If you enjoyed The Maze Runner or The Hunger Games, you’ll like this.

The ending doesn’t resolve much and clearly leads into the sequel, however the whole four book series is on KU.

No romance to speak of, several violent deaths but not much blood and gore.

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