The Unending by A Sands

Mind-bending and moody, this book will take you to strange places. But in a good way, with interesting characters, an intriguing world, and some great writing.

The story begins with a newborn infant being snatched from its mother and carried away by Rilenheim. He’s a Geomancer – a magic-wielding immortal. Pursuing him is the baby’s father Herendak, also a Geomancer. These two are the last of their kind.

The reader’s initial assumption is that one of these guys will turn out to be Good, and one Evil. But as the story goes on, you realize they are maybe both Evil. As Rilenheim gathers an army of humans and Herendak an army of the twisted creatures known as Wrilsch, things look bad for humanity. But while the mood is dark, it isn’t depressing, because the baby’s mother Meryn and her sister Aldrua, helped by assorted sidekicks, never give up hope.

There are a few minor editing errors, but the writing is generally very good. The only major issue with this book is the ending, which I was hoping would Make Everything Clear. It doesn’t. But the ride to get there was really enjoyable, so I’d still recommend it.

Expect a certain amount of violence and death.

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