The Raven by Aderyn Wood

A despised orphan girl masters her magic powers to defend her tribe, in this enjoyable fantasy coming-of-age adventure.

Despite her awesome magic potential, her tribe consider Iluna cursed and she grows up friendless and despised by nearly everyone. As she learns to use her powers, they fear her more. But when the tribe is threatened by invading foreigners and treachery within, she and her few friends must save the day.

The writing is good and very readable with few editing errors. The only fault is an overdose of coined words which make the beginning harder to get into than it should be. Yes, the setting is a fantasy world, but if a rabbit can be called a rabbit, I don’t see why a carrot can’t be a carrot.

There’s a prologuey bit at the start which might be better read after the story, or ignored altogether.

This is an entertaining story with well-drawn characters. There’s quite a lot of Iluna growing up, but an interesting setting and brisk pace ensures it doesn’t drag.

Although labelled as Book 1, this is a standalone story.

Expect a few sexual references.

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