The Pig’s Head (Part 1) by Demetri Paul

An engaging fantasy adventure set in an interesting world, with great characters.

The protagonist is Kyal, an unemployed young man who mainly excels at drinking and smoking (mysteriously, he has a gorgeous girlfriend). He sets out to escape the prison city in which he lives by going through the sewers. The plan is for him to act as an ambassador to the unknown outside world on behalf of the rebels who are plotting to overthrow the city’s government.

The start of the story has a high yuck factor, and the whole sewer sequence seems to be dragged out a bit long. But bear with it – the plot develops nicely as Kyal discovers the world outside the city. Other points of view are introduced to cover events back in the city, but all are interesting and effective.

The writing is readable throughout, although tending to the long-winded. There is the odd editing error but nothing too annoying.

Sadly, as you might guess from the ‘Part 1’, the story stops rather than ending neatly. The last chapter appears to have been originally written as Chapter 1, but has been tacked onto the end as slightly odd flashback. It doesn’t tell you anything substantially new so you may wish to skip it if you are finding it boring.

Includes lots of swearing, lots of smoking, quite a bit of yuck.

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