The Outcasts: City in Ruins by KC Gray

Girl fancies boy, finds out he’s really a shape-shifting monster and so is she. Yep, it’s young adult urban fantasy.

The protagonist is 15-year-old Sophia, who is settling into a new home with her bickering parents. In the woods she meets mystery boy Billy and feels an irresistible attraction to him. Before long, she’s being held against her will by a secret community of shape-shifting monsters and having to adjust to finding out she’s one of them. With wings, a tail, and a taste for raw meat. But now she really hates Billy and just wants to go home, and spends the rest of story escaping.

The writing is very readable. Though there are quite a few editing errors they aren’t a major distraction. The main character is likeable but the plot is a little weak. There’s less romance than you might fear, though there is an obligatory love triangle.

Expect some adolescent snuggling. No sex.

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