Telonaut by Matt Tyson

Challenging, intelligent science fiction about a human space colony hiding a dark secret.

Sero Novak is sent to the world of NineDee to see how the human colony is getting on. A new technology allows him to send back to Earth downloads of his own memories to be edited into reports. Superficially, everything seems great — the colonists are undertaking ambitious engineering works. But as he figures out what’s really going on, his mission to observe becomes far more dangerous.

I found the start a bit confusing, as a lot of terms and concepts are introduced without many clues as to what’s meant. However it’s well worth persevering. The story is a slow build, but with bags of challenging ideas, interesting settings, and developed characters, there’s plenty to enjoy.

The action switches between Sero on NineDee and his friend on Earth, who is editing his reports for broadcast. There is actually a seven-year lag due to the transmission time between NineDee and Earth, which adds an interesting dimension to the timeline. The teleport technology features heavily — if I understood correctly, it’s a clone-and-brain-copy approach, also with a seven-year transmission time between planets.

The writing is generally good, slightly clunky in places but with few editing errors. And there’s a couple of explicit sex scenes.

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