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Gods of Blood and Bone by Azalea Ellis

In this young adult science fiction, teenagers are forced to compete in a secret, deadly game where the prize is superhuman power.

Teenager Eve is forcibly recruited into a secret game

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Royal Deception by Denae Christine

A young Prince is threatened by a mystery arch-enemy in this readable young adult fantasy.

The setting is a fantasy world with a ruling class of blade-shifters (folks who can turn bits

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The Watch by Amanda Witt

Young Adult dystopia science fiction at its best: a fast-paced, highly readable adventure with a touch of class.

Teenager Red has red hair and rebels against the authorities of the isolated

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The Crystal Mountain by J. Gregory Smith

Sibling rivalry leads to trouble in this fantasy adventure targeted at younger readers.

When weedy youngster Dale gets to be King instead of his older brother Erik, Erik is naturally miffed

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