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Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn

A demon princess is magically enslaved by a trainee mage and has to figure out how to free herself, in this short young-adult fantasy adventure.

With her father and brother missing, demon

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Message Bearer by MS Dobing

Boy meets girl, girl is killed by demon, boy discovers he’s a wizard and is trained by secret demon hunters.

The protagonist, Seb, is nearly killed when he tries to save a woman from

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Scent of Magic by Lori L Clark

Three sisters open a magical perfume shop which transforms lives in a small American town.

The two oldest Duchesne sisters make and sell perfumes. Unsurprisingly, since their concoctions

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Creeping Shadow by Caroline Peckham

A very entertaining and readable young adult adventure.

When their mother mysteriously disappears, 16-year-old Oliver and his adopted sister May are sent to stay with a grandfather they’ve

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