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GR3T3L-1 by VM Sawh

In a short story loosely based on Hansel and Gretel, two lone robots battle for survival on a hostile planet, with no memory of why they are there.

GR3T3L is an advanced prototype AI, while read more

Coldheart by Justin Robinson

In this well-written novella and short story collection, powerful ancient magic lurks beneath the surface of the modern world.

The stories in this collection are set in the same world and read more

A Consternation of Monsters by Eric Fritzius

An entertaining and well-crafted collection of short stories offering mild horror, humour, and quirky ideas.

I’m not a fan of horror. Some of these stories are definitely horror-ish, read more

Tales Fiendish and Fair by Rebecca Deer

A very readable collection of short stories, including versions of classic Grimm tales and some originals in a similar style.

Some of these stories are renditions of classic fairy tales read more