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The Temple of Beauty by Fernando Salazar

A short book offering a mix of comic and serious science fiction and fantasy short stories.

Since the cover of this book suggests 1960’s pulp fantasy, I was a bit surprised to find

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Vacui Magia: Stories by LS Johnson

An enthralling collection of dark speculative fiction short stories.

The first thing I noticed about this short story collection was that the writing was extremely good. The second was

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Spoils of War by Christopher Holliday

A soldier fighting on an alien planet realises he hasn’t been told the whole truth in this high-quality military science fiction short story.

This story has previously been published

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GR3T3L-1 by VM Sawh

In a short story loosely based on Hansel and Gretel, two lone robots battle for survival on a hostile planet, with no memory of why they are there.

GR3T3L is an advanced prototype AI, while

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