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White Light by Alex Marks

In this contemporary science fiction thriller, a physicist travels back in time to try to save his wife’s life.

Physicist Adam suspects his wife’s death in a car crash wasn’t

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Off to be the Wizard by Scott Meyer

A young man discovers he can change reality with his computer, gets into trouble doing it, then decides to travel back in time to be a wizard.

Well-written, well-edited, and extremely funny

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The Frontiers Saga: Episodes 1-3 by Ryk Brown

Entertaining space adventure serial with a strong Star Trek feel.

It’s the far future. After discovering faster-than-light space travel and establishing colonies on other worlds

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Yorktown by Bill Robinson

Hard-ish sci-fi space opera, as the US space navy meet their first aliens (and kill them).

The new frigate USS Yorktown, commanded by Katana Kreiger, encounter alien bad guys who are capturing

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