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Time Phantom: Amsterdam by Randy Anderson

On his 50th birthday, a man suddenly starts travelling backwards in time whenever he sits still too long, and forwards in time whenever he moves too fast.

The main character is professional read more

The Drift by David Maxwell

Trapped by a record blizzard, the residents of a small American town are rescued from death by time travellers.

The story opens with the town of Crystal Falls preparing for an unseasonal read more

Mutation by Nerys Wheatley

Humour, fast-paced action, and fun with zombies.

Police officer Alex is a survivor of a previous zombie outbreak, which has left him with enhanced strength and white eyes. Other people read more

The Heaviness of Knowing by Sharolyn G Brown

On a dystopian world, slaves visit Earth people in their dreams to prepare the way for an alien invasion.

The story opens with Roxal, a young woman on planet Trebor who has the ability read more