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The Farthest City by Daniel P Swenson

Epic science fiction: artificial intelligence and the fate of mankind.

After humanity all but wipes itself out in a final world war, we are saved by our own creation, intelligent machines

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GR3T3L-1 by VM Sawh

In a short story loosely based on Hansel and Gretel, two lone robots battle for survival on a hostile planet, with no memory of why they are there.

GR3T3L is an advanced prototype AI, while

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For Us the Living: Judgement Day by R A Peters

Invaders from space destroy Earth’s cities. The survivors survive and try to fight back.

The story follows a female soldier in the Middle East and her husband and daughter at home

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Incarnadine by SM Guariento

Set in an alternate universe where reality seems to be disintegrating, this story is deeply weird yet strangely compelling.

Rome never fell. Alchemy is science. And Aristotle was right

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