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Pretty Marys All in a Row by Gwendolyn Kiste

A ghost story told from the ghost’s point of view.

Trapped in the afterlife, five ghosts named Mary find solace in each other’s company and in curious relationships with the

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Scent of Magic by Lori L Clark

Three sisters open a magical perfume shop which transforms lives in a small American town.

The two oldest Duchesne sisters make and sell perfumes. Unsurprisingly, since their concoctions

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Mama Sauveterre’s Curiosity Shoppe by John Yeo Jr.

A disagreement between two old enemies embroils angels, demons, a ghost, and sundry fairly normal human beings in all sorts of trouble, in this tangled tale.

Tassina, a beautiful woman

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A Consternation of Monsters by Eric Fritzius

An entertaining and well-crafted collection of short stories offering mild horror, humour, and quirky ideas.

I’m not a fan of horror. Some of these stories are definitely horror-ish

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