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The Wolf of Dorian Gray by Brian S Ference

Exactly as you might guess, this book is a rewrite of The Picture of Dorian Gray with added werewolf.

While the premise is pretty silly, it’s played straight rather than for laughs

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Storm Dreams by Jeb R Sherrill

A character from a dream is rescued by an airship and sets out to unravel the mystery of his own existence.

John Cassidy is a WWI American pilot — or so he thinks. Does he have any

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The Rowanwood Curse by Elizabeth O’Connell

The sons of a famous magician are called in to investigate a curse blighting the life of a wealthy businessman.

The setting is late Victorian England, and magic exists: so sort of Jonathan

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The Pharaoh’s Cat by Maria Lang

The story of an Ancient Egyptian cat who magically gains the power of speech, befriends the young pharaoh, and defeats a villainous vizier.

Stray cat Wrappa-Hamen falls on his feet when

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