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Huntress Found by AA Chamberlynn

A feisty young woman with magic powers finds out she really comes from an alternate world, and they want her back because only she can find the all-powerful MacGuffin.

So this isn’t read more

The Deer King by Ben Spencer

Following the death of her father and brother, a girl runs away with a magic stone.

This is an atmospheric and very well written fantasy novella, the only downside being it’s rather read more

Shadow Maker by Amir Lane

A college student discovers he isn’t schizophrenic: he’s a necromancer.

Student Dieter, despite having magic in the family, thinks the weird stuff he sees and hears is just read more

Percival Gynt and the Conspiracy of Days by Drew Melbourne

Very funny, quirky, intelligent science fiction adventure.

Young accountant Percival Gynt is accosted by a beautiful mystery woman who’s fleeing the police, and before you know it, read more