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Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

A young man is inducted into a hidden world of magic and super-beings enagaged in a mysterious competition.

Whether you enjoy this book or not will largely depend on your sense of humour. read more

The Beggar Prince by JB Drake

Streetwise Marshalla and innocent kleptomaniac Tip fall foul of the wrong wizard and his scheming son.

Marshalla just wants to earn enough money to get them both off the streets, but powerful read more

Huntress Found by AA Chamberlynn

A feisty young woman with magic powers finds out she really comes from an alternate world, and they want her back because only she can find the all-powerful MacGuffin.

So this isn’t read more

A Drop of Blue by Isa Briarwood

A girl from 1972 is snatched into the future, where she and other historical flotsam and jetsam are imprisoned by evil government types.

Basically, there’s a portal randomly scooping read more