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Want a book reviewed? I’m happy to consider most anything, provided it is:

  • fantasy or science fiction genre
  • aimed at adults or young adults
  • available on Kindle Unlimited in the UK

I will NOT review the book if is:

  • horror
  • erotica
  • a children’s book
  • Christian fantasy or a religious allegory (or any kind of allegory, really)
  • about vampires, sparkly or not

If you are satisfied that your book meets these criteria, please fill in the form below. Make sure you include the title of the book and the author’s name, so I can find it on Amazon. Please check your email address is correct, or I won’t be able to reply.

For any other enquiries, you can find me on Twitter @IngeniousCat or email admin @

2 thoughts on “Suggest a Book

  1. Thank you for considering to review my book.

    J. J. Stone did not know that he carried The First Soul of Creation. After twelve years in the U. S. Marines, he was possessed by an ancient Sumerian during the First Iraq War, and only then, did he find out that his destiny was in the demon-slaying business.

    GENRE: contemporary urban fantasy

    WORD COUNT: 102 K


    The paranormal adventures of a demon-slaying U. S. Marine.

    At the Battle of Nasiriyah, U.S. Marine Sergeant J. J. Stone’s life flat out changed. Ducking enemy fire, he fell into a mortar crater and stumbled across an artifact. Curious, Stone touched it. Big mistake, for the soul of a Sumerian took possession of him. Fortunately, this ancient soul was on a worthy quest–to find his wife’s remains.

    As if that weren’t enough, Stone didn’t know his importance to the cosmic order, until told by an emissary of a primordial being. Stone learns that he carries the First Soul of Creation, has mind-blowing potential, but age-old responsibilities–many of them quite formidable. Stone, in essence, is a semi-divine being, warts and all. But don’t tell him that to his face.

    The First Soul , the first book of a new paranormal adventure series, chronicles the beginning of a Marine’s personal journey of self-discovery in a mortal world that isn’t quite what it seems–a vast and complex paranormal battleground where evil must be met head on, be it dark magic, demons, or those possessed by them.

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