Stone Man by JM Beevers

A fun fantasy adventure with a likeable heroine, a dragon, unreliable magic and a scheming uncle. Deserves a sequel.

The protagonist is Tara, who lives in a castle as ward of her uncle, the King’s right-hand man. Tara is secretly engaged to marry a dragon, which makes her life complicated. Then she’s assigned to look after a dazzlingly beautiful foreign princess who’s arrived to marry the heir to the throne. And something nasty is stirring in the magical forest…

The writing is well edited and very readable throughout. Though the setting features familiar fantasy ideas, it’s original and interesting. Refreshingly, Tara isn’t skilled with weapons or magic, yet is still likeable and pro-active. The story gets going quickly, doesn’t sag in the middle, and is funny.

There’s no romance to speak of, which I think is no bad thing. If that’s what you like you’ll need to use your imagination.

The complete trilogy is now out and all available in KU.

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