Steel, Blood & Fire by Allan Batchelder

Compelling dark fantasy pitting a mass-murderer against an evil immortal seeking to destroy the world.

Tarmun Vykers is a cold-blooded killer and one-man-war-machine. The story begins with him facing justice, resulting in losing his hands and feet. You’d think that would be the end of his career, but he runs (crawls) into an undead sorcerer who wants his help. And as it happens, the world is in danger from an evil immortal and his zombie army, so Tarmun gets an unexpected shot at redemption.

This is pretty dark stuff, but quick cycling through different story threads featuring other characters together with touches of humour and inventive fantasy make for a really engaging read. The characters are well developed and believeable even when super-human in capability, and the writing is much better than I expected, seeing as the formatting isn’t good (spaces between paragraphs, odd line breaks).

This is the first in a four book series, all on Kindle Unlimited. If the rest are up to this standard I’d happily read the lot.

Expect a good deal of gore, violence, and death.

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