Sorcerous Rivalry by Kayleigh Nicol

A young wizard is forced to fight his murderous, more powerful siblings for survival.

Magic is outlawed and most of the kingdom’s wizards have been killed off by mage-hunters. Young Reshi is one of many illegitimate children of the king, who happen to have magic powers. They’ve grown up apart and in hiding. When Reshi gets into trouble and goes looking for his sister, he discovers some of his siblings are not so friendly. In fact, there’s a whole There-Can-Be-Only-One thing going on, with the winner taking all the magic powers. With poor Reshi being the youngest and weakest, his odds aren’t so good.

Written in first person from Reshi’s point of view, his character really carries the story. Thankfully, he’s a great character with a distinctive and engaging voice, not one of your usual fantasy stereotypes. Overall, this is a really readable, enjoyable story, well-written with few editing errors.

Expect m/m romance & sexual references, though not too much slush and nothing too explicit

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