Savage Dawn by Inge Moore

This is a novel in the ‘surviving the collapse of civilisation’ genre.

The protagonist is Karen. She’s an obsessive runner, has a psycho ex-husband, a psychic kid, and a dishy doctor boyfriend. All of whom, along with some other people, happen to be in the same bit of Canadian wilderness when the nearby volcano erupts. They take shelter in caves. The story follows the group as they survive and discover what’s become of the rest of the world, or at least the nearest towns.

Editing and formatting are generally fine; there are a few minor glitches which don’t detract much. The writing is functional. I can’t say I enjoyed reading it. In the first half, there are too many character introductions and point-of-view switches. The characters’ reactions to their situation seemed unrealistic, and their survival seems rather too easy, without any great hardship or conflict.

Expect lots of death, violence, relationship troubles and some sex.

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