Race the Red Horizon by M Jonathan Jones

A malevolent machine pursues a lone man across a desert planet.

The plot’s simple to describe: the protagonist (unnamed) is for some reason being chased by a huge sentient tank-like vehicle, which relentlessly pursues him across a lifeless desert landscape. Along the way some hints are dropped about how things got this way, but much is left to the reader’s imagination.

This is an engaging story, beautifully written and very readable, evocative and intriguing. Personally, I would have liked the protagonist to be less opaque, but the mystery certainly kept me reading.

Point of view switches between the protagonist (told in present tense), and the pursuer (for some reason, told in past tense). The tense switching with the point of view I found annoying, but not enough to affect my enjoyment of the story.

Overall: unusual and leaves more questions than answers, but short, engaging, and well written so definitely worth a read.

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