Pyre of Dreams by Damian Huntley

A group of immortals secretly runs the world, guided by an ancient prophecy — but now they’re ready to step out of the shadows, and all hell’s going to break loose.

In near-future America, on the brink of major political changes, sixteen world leaders are publically assassinated. Mild-mannered David Beach seems to be the chosen scapegoat. He finds himself on the run with his precocious seven-year-old daughter, assisted by a mysterious stranger.

The back story here is long and convoluted, but thankfully kept mysterious until the reader’s more than ready for the exposition.

The story starts rather slow, though interesting enough to keep me turning the pages, and it gets better as it goes along with strong characters and an action-packed plot. The writing’s good throughout and well edited.

This book ends on something of a cliff-hanger, which I’m not keen on in general, but even with that it’s good enough for me to recommend it. Anyhow, Book 2 is available and is also in Kindle Unlimited, and I guess the story is completed there.

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