The Pharaoh’s Cat by Maria Lang

The story of an Ancient Egyptian cat who magically gains the power of speech, befriends the young pharaoh, and defeats a villainous vizier.

Stray cat Wrappa-Hamen falls on his feet when he’s blessed with the ability to speak human. The young pharaoh likes the talking cat and the two are soon inseparable. However, while they’re having fun together, the dastardly vizier is making plans to seize the throne.

This story will especially appeal to fans of Ancient Egypt, or cats. The author has clearly done a lot of research on the former, and the setting is lovingly detailed. Thankfully there isn’t too much cute-cat stuff.

I’m not especially keen on present tense narration, but this is decently written and well edited throughout, with very few obvious errors to detract from the story. Overall, a very entertaining light read. A sequel (The Eye of Nefertiti) is available and is also on Kindle Unlimited.

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