Off Leash by Daniel Potter

A young man discovers the hidden magical world when he turns into a cougar in this very enjoyable fantasy adventure.

Thomas witnesses his elderly neighbour being run over by a car, and the next day wakes to find he’s turned into a puma. Not a good week for him. Introduced to the magically hidden world of wizards and told he’s going to be forced into a lifelong commitment as a familiar, he goes on the run. He teams up with the lady wizard cop who’s investigating his neighbour’s death, and shenanigans ensue.

The writing is decent and very readable throughout, with few editing errors. There’s lots of interestingly presented magic, lots of talking animal antics, and lots of humour. A very enjoyable fast-paced adventure with some snort-inducing funny lines.

Expect some bone-crunching and blood-spurting.

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