The Mars Run by Chris Gerrib

A young woman is captured by ruthless space pirates in this near-future space adventure.

So we have colonies on the Moon and Mars, space stations, and enough commercial space trade to support piracy. Considering how space is really, really big, I’m not convinced space pirates make much sense, but I was happy to suspend disbelief for this very readable adventure story.

There’s quite a lot of flashbacking and backstory at the start before the protagonist heads off on her first voyage to Mars as a qualified astronaut. Her ship is attacked by pirates and she’s taken captive as a sort of probationary-junior-pirate. Unfortunately for her, her first escape attempt goes sour and she’s demoted to sex-slave. However like any plucky protagonist, she obviously doesn’t give up, even when things get worse…

The story includes quite a lot of (somewhat explicit) sex, plus rape (not explicit), violence, and death. As long as you’re fine with all that, this is a very readable space adventure, decently written with few editing errors. And there’s a further two books in the trilogy, all in KU.

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