Kings of Paradise by Richard Nell

This dark, gripping epic fantasy sets two exceptional young men on a world-changing collision course.

From the start, it’s obvious this is going to be a dark fantasy, and also rather a good one. Two separate narratives follow the stories of Ruka, a twisted genius who has to fight for life in his harsh country, and Kale, a prince who doesn’t get on with his father. These are great characters in an interesting world, doing interesting things. It’s epic enough to earn its length. No long-winded descriptions here — just highly engaging story from beginning to end.

My only (slight) caveat is that this is labelled Book 1, and it does lack resolution. The two narratives remain separate, only coming together right at the end. However it’s so good, it’s well worth reading despite that. You’ll just be very keen to see Book 2.

Expect gory violence (beginning with cannibalism) and some explicit sex.

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