The Keeper and the Rulership by Emily Martha Sorensen

A young woman tries to find her place in highly-ordered society, but while the magic her people rely on is fading, hers is running out of control.

This book’s terrible cover (at the time of reading and writing this review) conceals a rather charming and decently written story, with good characters and an original world.

Young Raneh is the daughter of landowners. All she wants is to grow up, get married, and be a landowner herself. But she has a bigger problem than deciding which suitor to encourage: for some reason, she’s attracting magic. While magic generally is dying from the world, which is a big deal when everyone relies on it for everything from growing their crops to holding a party, she has too much for comfort. Especially as she has to keep it secret, because landowners aren’t allowed to do magic — on pain of death.

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