Huntress Found by AA Chamberlynn

A feisty young woman with magic powers finds out she really comes from an alternate world, and they want her back because only she can find the all-powerful MacGuffin.

So this isn’t the most original premise ever, but this is actually an enjoyable story. The protagonist, Evryn, has the ability to find things and as it turns out, teleport between worlds—which is pretty handy.

We’ve got the usual introduction of strange new worlds, new friends and enemies, mastering new abilities and magic accessories. It’s all competently done, inventive and fun without being outstanding. Once that’s dealt with, I found the first half a little slow — but from the mid-point the plot takes off properly with twists and turns a-plenty.

This is the start of a series and the ending leaves a lot unresolved. It was an enjoyable enough ride though — well-written throughout with few editing errors and very readable. The next book is available and also in KU.

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