#hashtagged by Kimberley Trant

A young woman unravels her father’s secrets and finds out he wants her to fight against the future tyranny of Artificial Intelligence.

The first chapter is a prologue of sorts. I’d recommend skipping it. After that are several chapters of Maddy Smith’s back story. This part is actually well-written and very readable, though there isn’t much SF going on. The story proper starts with the death of the Maddy’s father. He has left her a mysterious box, and she sets out to talk to his old friends to discover what she’s meant to do with it.

The story is very well-written in parts, well-edited and readable throughout, with good characters, but I didn’t find the plot compelling. There is a lack of real conflict until the end. The development of Evil AI is nicely built up, while time travel is dropped in with no real explanation. And the ending didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

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One thought on “#hashtagged by Kimberley Trant

  1. Thanks so much for giving #hashtagged a read. I appreciate the time spent reading and reviewing.
    -Kimberly Trant

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