The Great Restoration by William Ray

A detective story set in the same world as Gedlund.

For those who haven’t read Gedlund, the world is a somewhat standard fantasy affair but instead of being set in a pseudo-Middle Ages, it’s pseudo-Victorian. Less sword and sorcery, more guns and capitalism (with a side order of magic). It’s a fun mix and the world-building is well developed.

If you have read Gedlund, this book isn’t a direct sequel and is different in style, being a mystery story. The lead character, Gus, appeared in Gedlund. The story picks up with him some years later, now an ex-soldier and hard-drinking private eye.

In typical noir detective style, Gus is approached by an attractive woman wanting to expose her husband’s infidelity. Only she isn’t what she seems — she’s part of a gang of elf-loving cultists with a dastardly plot to kidnap an engineer.

I found the investigation a bit slow in places, but this is enjoyable, well-written stuff. Good characters, interesting world, and a decently constructed mystery plot with some unexpected elements.

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