Gods Themselves

I’ve published my second novel! It’s humorous fantasy, light adventure/romance, about the dangers of relying on celebrity status to get yourself out of trouble.

This book started out as my project for Nanowrimo 2010. In fact, it began with a randomly generated story prompt from Seventh Sanctum. The actual random prompt was:

This is an action comedy. The story is about a prince, a scribe, a queen, and a tomb-robber who must work with a paladin. It starts in a universe where space travel occurs by magical means. The religion of the world will turn out not to be what it seems.

At the time, I had generated a number of random story prompts and was challenging myself to turn them into usable plots as an exercise. This process actually produced some quite good stories, albeit a bit strange.

The first draft was completed for Nanowrimo 2010, though the plot and characters changed dramatically at several points. I then put it aside for several years before I was brave enough to read it. It took a couple of further drafts to kick the plot into shape. In January 2016 I read it through and thought a little editing would see it finished. It actually took most of the year: I published it in December 2016.

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