Tales of the Zodiac: The Goat’s Tale by PJ Hetherhouse

Well-written fantasy adventure with a zodiac theme.

Though young Gruffyd is the son of a goatherd, he’s got a scholarship to his country’s top school where he studies alongside the nobility. Unfortunately, his stubbornness annoys the King, who packs him off to the snowy wilderness on an impossible mission.

Told in first person and present tense, this is a well-written story with rounded characters set in an interesting post-apocalypse, Ice Age world. The first chapter rambles on a bit long and the style tends to the wordy, but overall it’s very readable. And goats make a brief appearance (I like goats. Why aren’t there more goats in fiction?)

The astrology content, as far as I can tell, is limited to the twelve characters based on the conventional sun-signs and their associated symbols. There are no prophecies, astrologers, birth charts or significant planetary alignments in sight.

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