The Go-Between by Andrea Ring

A fast moving and enjoyably tangled tale of gods, magic, and unlikely romance.

Nilaruna, a young woman horribly disfigured by burns, becomes the official assistant to Maja, the fabled Protector of her country. It’s possibly a death sentence since the last 22 girls to do this job all died rather suspiciously. Maja lives as a hermit in a cave, having been cursed to immortality and turned into a dragon. He can do magic though and transform back into a human temporarily, which is handy when he falls in love with feisty Nili.

The situation becomes more complicated when a Prince shows up, also wanting to marry Nili, because a god told him he would die otherwise. So the poor girl’s got a romantic triangle to deal with, magic murders to investigate, and possibly the country’s going to be invaded. And if she marries the Prince, she’ll apparently die, but save his life.

With interfering gods popping up frequently, magic, and the Prince falling for a feisty peasant girl, this has the contrived yet charming feel of myths and folk-tales. It’s told through multiple points-of-view, all in first person, which is rather confusing to read if you aren’t paying attention. But overall, this is well written, well edited, fast paced, and tremendous fun from start to finish. The romance isn’t over-played and the only disappointment was a rather abrupt ending which leaves a lot of plot dangling.

Expect some sexy bits (not explicit), romance, and a bit of throat cutting.

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