The Fruithandler Time Engine by Allen Brady

This is the funniest time travel adventure I’ve ever read.

I’m usually not keen on time travel as a plot device. All too often, it’s just a clever cheat to get the protagonist out of trouble, magically without any unwanted side-effects. This book takes a very different approach.

12-year-old Dierdre is dragged a hundred years into the past by Colonel Fruithandler’s Time Engine. While they’re trying to figure out how to get her back to the future, he dies. Bad news for Dierdre, as he’s the only person with any idea how to work the Time Engine. But a motivated 12-year-old girl in possession of a time machine isn’t going to be stopped by a little setback like death…

The inventive plot steers between slapstick and philosophy as it explores just about everything that can go wrong with time travel (except dinosaurs or killing Hitler), with wildly funny results. The writing is very good and well edited throughout.

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