The Frontiers Saga: Episodes 1-3 by Ryk Brown

Entertaining space adventure serial with a strong Star Trek feel.

It’s the far future. After discovering faster-than-light space travel and establishing colonies on other worlds, a devastating plague destroys Earth’s civilisation. The story starts with Earth having recovered and rediscovered space flight. Human colonies have spread across the galaxy and some are expanding empires, threatening Earth with war.

The story follows politician’s son Nathan, who unexpectedly finds himself Captain of a brand new spaceship with an experimental faster-than-light drive. The science fiction content is reminscent of Star trek, complete with inertial dampers. Nothing ground-breaking, but a well crafted space adventure with pretty good characters.

This book suffers from a rather small font, which isn’t great for those like me who have basic old Kindles. The writing is very readable and well edited, though the point-of-view constantly wanders between characters.

Fourteen ‘episodes’ are available, all on Kindle Unlimited.

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