Fractured Symmetry by Fernando Salazar

Science fiction murder mystery short stories, with Nero Wolfe reimagined as an alien (which explains a lot).

In the far future, on another planet, a variety of alien races co-exist (including humans). Reclusive genius Terendurr and his human sidekick Blair solve a number of baffling crimes.

The premise and main characters here have been lifted from the Nero Wolfe stories, but cleverly adapted. Nero Wolfe himself is an alien (which makes a lot of sense) and his sidekick is a human woman (a great idea). The result is a really enjoyable read: great characters, distinctly alien aliens, and engaging mysteries, all very well written and edited. My only issue was that I’ve never read the Nero Wolfe stories, so I wasn’t sure what here was original and what not. Obviously, the science fiction content is new and I assume the plots are mostly original.

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