Forging Zero by Sara King

Aliens invade earth and conscript all the kids into their army to kick off this compellingly twisted science fiction adventure.

Fourteen-year-old Joe is unlucky enough to be the oldest of the conscripts, packed onto a spaceship by unpleasant aliens and dragged away to a new life. As the aliens pour misery on their human cargo with a mixture of ruthless efficiency and incompetence, the kids bond and learn to survive. Then Joe finds he’s the subject of a prophecy and is caught in the middle of an alien conspiracy… or he might just be being manipulated.

Well written throughout, this is a darkly satirical take on young adult science fiction. The aliens are properly alien. The humans are properly human. The prophecy angle manages not to be a cheap, over-used plot device. All in all, great stuff — and the whole series is on Kindle Unlimited.

Expect a good deal of violence and a few sexual references.

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