The Fool’s Path by HT Brady

Girl flees magic world with its mafia-esque warring families to hide out on Earth, but is forced to go back when her mother is killed.

The protagonist, Charity, is living an ordinary life on Earth, but actually comes from an alternate world of magic. When her estranged mother is killed, bad guys threaten Charity, and she’s forced to go home. Naturally she’s drawn back into the magic and murderous politics she tried to leave behind.

This is a short book, and it does feel very much like ‘Part 1’ of a story. But with an interesting world and likeable characters, it was satisfying enough that I didn’t feel short-changed at the end. The rest of the trilogy is available and on KU anyhow, so you like Book 1, you can keep reading.

The writing is good and well edited, with the story told in an engaging first person voice. A fun, light read.

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