Field One by Simon Winstanley

A massive conspiracy aims to save humanity from a civilisation-destroying asteroid impact.

From the start, this is a rather confusing book: the first few chapters introduce different characters in different times and places and it takes a long while for the pieces to come together. Throughout, it jumps around in time — the chapters have date labels I think, which may help some people (I prefer to ignore any stated dates and just follow the plot). Despite those handicaps, it’s good stuff and well worth struggling through any sticky patches.

The premise is basically that a big space rock is set to hit the Earth. A secret organization of scientists and the super-rich intend to save the Earth, or at least themselves, by means of their super-secret-research (and lasers on the moon, obviously). Like all huge conspiracies, it’s pretty daft, but this was well enough written for me to suspend disbelief.

Overall, enjoyable and engaging science fiction which will keep your brain in gear. Slightly sloppy writing but with few editing errors.

This is the first book of a trilogy, all in KU. I’ll probably read the rest at some point.

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