The Farthest City by Daniel P Swenson

Epic science fiction: artificial intelligence and the fate of mankind.

After humanity all but wipes itself out in a final world war, we are saved by our own creation, intelligent machines who then depart into space to find their own destiny. This story starts a long time after these events, when mankind’s machine saviours are the subject of myth, and for some, religious veneration. Earth is under attack by the alien Hexi, and the future looks bleak.

Kellen is an artist with a strange compulsion to depict the machines in his work. He’s persuaded to join with others who believe that under their city they will find the means to recall the machines to save mankind from the aliens. But when they succeed in actually contacting the fabled machines, things are not as straightforward as they thought.

The writing is decent and well edited, though a little plodding in places. I found the characters rather flat, but the plot and premise are strong enough to make this an enjoyable read, helped along by some nice artificial intelligence concepts.

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