Fallen Sun by Harule Stokes

Thoughtful military science fiction following a super-soldier and her comrades engaged in a dystopian war of attrition.

The setting is a future pseudo-America (I guess) with north at war with south. South is armed with super-powered biological weapons. North is armed with high-tech. Both sides have super-soldiers and both have more or less evil governments. The protagonist is a female super-soldier in the Northern army. Turns out her set of super-soldiers are practically immortal but are also doomed to insanity. Meanwhile, the war is grinding to a conclusion with atrocities all round. Fun times.

From the start, this is rather slow, spending a lot of time in the protagonist’s head. But it’s engaging and well written with few editing errors. It’s narrated in first person, present tense, so it’s important the protagonist is interesting–and she is. The main characters are well developed, and the female relationships in particular are a welcome relief from the war-sucks theme.

Overall, this is more character-driven and philosophy-laden than I’d expect of military sci-fi, though there’s also plenty of super-powered fighty action if that’s what floats your boat.

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