The Fall of Rath by Gavin South

When an immortal woman falls in love with a charming foreigner, her psycho sister sets an army on the fleeing lovers.

Mage Yerikan of Rath is one of the few immortals: he doesn’t age (though he can be killed, just not as easily as normal folk). He’s sent off as ambassador to Jehar, with instructions to seduce, if possible, one of the immortal sisters Isaah and Nyreni who are the powers-behind-the-throne in that country. But he succeeds rather too well — Nyreni falls in love with him, which raises the wrath of her sister. On the run together, they stay a step ahead of Isaah’s army but their flight precipitates the war Yerikan was trying to delay in the first place.

The start is a little sluggish, but once the plot kicks in, this is a highly engaging story and very readable. Action predominates and the romance isn’t overblown. The writing is decent throughout with few editing errors. The plot has weak points but overall, an enjoyable read.

For me, the world-building is overly systematic, lacking the organic messiness of reality, but the world is well thought out and has some points of interest. Powerful magic abounds and mages are deployed alongside conventional troops in warfare.

Expect some sexual references and plenty of gory violence (immortals can be hacked a lot and still recover, so it gets messy).

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