Extracted (Trilogy) by RR Haywood

Action-heavy time-travel thriller set in Britain.

A young genius invents a time machine then realises he’s inadvertently changed the future: London is set to be destroyed. Oh no. So he goes back in time to stop his father’s suicide and hands the problem over to Dad. Who naturally decides to collect three suitably heroic British people from just before their heroic deaths, in the hope they can solve the problem. Frantic time-jumping fracas ensues.

I’m not a major fan of complicated time travel plots, but this is very readable and good fun. The first book drags a little, being essentially setup for the actual story and lots (and lots) of character development. The characters are certainly well developed and the writing is good. As you would expect, there’s a lot of timeline-tangling complications (I’m not sure the plot actually made any sense at all, but I didn’t want to analyse it) and there’s a lot of violence. Also some sex.

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