Everything I Need to Save my Friend and Doom the Universe by Adrian Speed

Two teenage girls are transported to another galaxy, where they battle the dreaded Omnikrator and the Legion of Doom for the fate of the universe.

Martha is a scientific genius; her best friend Victoria (playing Watson to her Sherlock) is the first-person narrator of the story. The plot takes young adult science fiction cliches and turns them up to 11 for an enjoyable and very funny adventure.

Basically, Martha finds a mysterious alien artifact and ropes Victoria into her investigation. The artifact transports them to another galaxy, where they’re surrounded by weird (but rather dim) aliens. Turns out the girls’ human physiology makes them practically super-powered, so they’re soon kicking alien butt in the fight against the Legion of Doom. Handily, they’re the subject of a prophecy, so they’re handed hugely overpowered weapons and let loose on the bad guy, who plans to build a time machine which may destroy the universe.

Well written and well edited throughout, this is a very readable and funny adventure. The combination of fast-paced and thoroughly daft plot, weird and wonderful aliens, and over-powered heroes and villains may appeal more to younger readers, but it’s a lot of fun.

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